Water Damage

If you have suffered any kind of water damage to your phone, all hope is not lost. We can’t guarantee that it will be working, but by following these steps, you have the greatest chance of recovering your data.

  2. Dry off any excess moisture with a tissue or cloth
  3. Remove the sim card, and if possible the battery and memory card
  4. Turn the phone upside down and gently shake any water out of the sockets
  5. If you have a salad spinner, put the phone in it, on it’s side and with the screen facing towards the centre. Spin the phone for about 2 minutes
  6. Place the phone in a bowlful of raw/uncooked rice and leave in a warm area (airing cupboard, sunny windowsill, on a radiator) for 24-72 hours
  7. Do not use a hairdrier or hot air gun as this can push the water further into the phone or damage internal components

If your phone still isn’t working, there are various parts inside the phone that could have failed, commonly the battery.

We can investigate waterdamaged phones, there is a £20 charge for this service. If your phone is repairable and you choose to let us fix it, we will waive the diagnostic fee.